A Journey in Taste

Dare to imagine

The Gourmet Range brings the rigour that Michelin-starred chefs have come to expect from us, into your home. From sous vide, to steam baking and more, discover the techniques that will hone your greatness.

Make your mark

As architects shed the unnecessary in favour of a clean and simple beauty. So the Gourmet Range was born minimalist letting your food do the talking. Explore the range that will give you complete mastery over your ingredients.

The range

The Gourmet Range offers a flexible array of appliances that, in the right hands, can turn a cook into a chef. Explore it in full today.

Ovens & Compacts

Hobs & Hoods

Fridges & Dishwasher

Warming lamp

Learn from the pros

When the praise of your guests is not enough, when you know it’s just shy of perfection but you’re not sure what to do, turn to the Gourmet Club. Here you’ll find tips and advice that can make all the difference.

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If you would like to find out just what the Gourmet Range can do, contact our team

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Retailer Toolkit

When it comes to precision, we’ve got you covered. Get in-depth guidance on sizes and specifications to help you create impeccable kitchen installations.

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